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Apes bully too, yet it never escalates. What can we learn from this?

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Providing teachers with new skills to fight bullying


Beastly bullies is not an anti-bullying program. We focus on giving teachers additional skills.


We provide input from biology about:

· the causes of bullying

· social dynamics

· recognition

· influencing behaviour.


We excel at providing teachers with skills aimed at:


·    recognising bullying sooner and more effectively
·    being able to distinguish between teasing, bullying, play and aggression;

·    recognising and defining signal behaviour, known in biology as displacement activity

·    observing behaviour objectively

·    talking about behaviour with those involved, without discussion.


The program ties-in with existing teaching skills and can be combined with programs and activities that schools already have in place.


Beastly bullies can also be implemented as an independent program and training course. The basic assumption is always that teachers should be capable of influencing their pupils’ behaviour.



For teachers


Beastly bullies focuses mainly on teachers and educational support staff. The most important assumptions are:


Research shows that teachers only see 20% of the actual bullying that goes on among children in the schoolyard. Teachers indicate that they find it difficult to distinguish bullying from similar behaviour.


Teachers are properly trained in implementing interventions and indicate that they have sufficient skills to influence pupil behaviour.


Research has shown that the behaviour and attitude of teachers influences bullying in the class.