Participant responses


‘An inspirational workshop that was more applicable than I had expected.’


‘The zoological approach surprised me in a positive sense and gave me another angle on the whole process of bullying and teasing. To me, the explanation was clear, informative and delivered with a welcome dash of humour. The observation assignment was for me instructive; I’ve never looked at apes like that before... except for the monkeys in my class that is.’


‘Many thanks for the inspirational workshop!’


‘Good programme, good presentation and delivered well.’


‘The question is this: can apes learn from us? Or can we learn from them? Today apes proved that they, in their own peculiar way, can contribute to our education. Observing objectively without interpreting, feasting your eyes while discussing what you see as you make your way to the next section. When professionals learn together, reflect on what they’re learning while devising ways to apply it in practice: this is what makes them strong. Delving into the subject is, in my opinion, mainly about how the teams from the various schools will go on to develop it.’

‘To me the course was organised to a tee, very inspiring and useful. The day flew by and for me a follow-up would be well worth it. The coaches knew their subject well and were to the point.’

‘The day have us plenty of new insights. It was very instructive to discover how difficult it is to observe behaviour properly. Research shows that teachers only see 20% of the actual bullying that goes on among children. For us, that is one of the most important points that we learned for the future. Learning to observe without jumping to conclusions, which is what the biologists taught us today.’






Apes bully too, yet it never escalates. What can we learn from this?

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