Lecture for teachers


Lectures for teachers deal with the causes of bullying and how to recognise bullying. It is not possible to provide concrete tools and to teach skills during a lecture, but it does give the opportunity to see bullying, and the teacher’s role with respect to bullying, from an entirely different point of view. The goal is that after the lecture teachers enter into discussion with each other as to what bullying is and that they assess their own role and behaviour critically.

Lectures for teachers can be customised to the demands and requirements of the school or team.

These lectures are interactive.


Lectures can be changed completely to suit the request of a team or school

These lectures are interactive.


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Apemanagement : translating science to knowledge


“’The only way to address bullying among children effectively is by intervening immediately and not only after three weeks.” 


Apes bully too, yet it never escalates. What can we learn from this?

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Lecture for teachers

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