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What can teachers learn from apes about

bullying at school?


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Beastly bullies


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Tips for observing bullying behaviour in the classroom


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Book Beastly-bullies

What primates can teach us about bullying in the schoolyard


The book Beastly-Bullies was published on 26 September 2012,

Is bullying natural behaviour and is it locked in our genes?

This is the question authors and trainers of Apemanagement want to answer. So what does this mean and what can we learn from a biological point of view about bullying at schools?

This book provides a critical view on the current approach to dealing with bullying, but also provides tools for a different way to deal with bullying.

For many it will be a relief to read in such straightforward language what bullying is and how to deal with it. The reader is shown how to approach the bullying problem from a different point of view and in this way gains insight into the influence they can have on bullying behaviour.


Beastly-Bullies offers a unique approach to bullying and for the reader a start to deal with bullying differently and more effectively.


Only available in Dutch.



Apes bully too, yet it never escalates. What can we learn from this?

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